3d printed top!

Currently a 3d printer that prints clothes does not exist. In the sense that there is not any popular,

Barcelona Maker Faire 2017

This year the team FabTextiles (Fab Lab Barcelona) of Anastasia Pistofidou and Clara Davis participated to the Maker

Fabricademy, textile & technology academy

We are officially launching the : Fabricademy. A textile and technology academy that combines soft fabrication, wearable technology,

“ECOcyborg” YoMo festival 2017

ECOcyborg is a fashion tech show created by Alex-Murray Leslie and the students of the IED (Istituto Europeo

Textile Academy Bootcamp WrapUp

Textiles Academy Bootcamp was an intensive 40h course that took place at IaaC Fab Lab Barcelona with 25

The secrets of Bioplastic

During a week we created samples of bioplastic with gelatin base, experimenting and testing the limits of this

Encapsulated Pollen

Encapsulated pollen is a project that brings together technology and creativity. 3D printing, jewelry and perfumes.It is a proposal that

Textile Academy Bootcamp

  Fashion needs to be updated! We are making a bespoke program for the new hybrid fashion and

FAB12 @ Shenzhen

The 3rd edition for the Digital Fashion and Wearables was exhibited during Fab12 Conference in Shenzhen and counted with

Mannequin 2016

One of the lab´s research themes is the design and production of digital mannequins as an abstract representation of the

Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer

  This project is a series of garments made as a collaboration between FabTextiles and Roland DG, using Texart

Fab Textiles Bootcamp

Bootcamp with Icelandic teachers: Introduction to soft fabrication and the use of digital fabrication applied on textiles and

Wooden Textile Bracelet

What do you need: veneers textile (denim) woodglue + brush or paint roller vacuum press lasercutter (trotec speedy

Material catalogue Bioplastics & Biocouture

Work and Progress within the Seminar Skin2 Bioplastics Catalogue: Discover the Bioplastic recipe here Tests on overlapping layers

Skin2 Elective Seminar // Biocouture// Bioplastics

Master in Advanced Architecture – Skin2 Seminar Final Presentations SO.18 – Elective Seminar What will the human of the