Esther Hates PVC / Worth Project

This is the amazing collaboration with Esther Perbandt through the Worth Partnership Project. The collection ¨To The Moon“

Contest Fashion Digital Made / ALTA Roma

BE grounded Project of Fabricademy BCN alumni Lara Campos BEgrounded Project Digital Python Project of Fabricademy BCN alumni

Development of Samsung EGO / Betiana Pavón

DECONSTRUCTIVE HEADS collection / ALASKA ACCESORIOS Winner of the contest SAMSUNG EGO Innovation Project / Mercedes Benz Fashion

Coffee BIO-Leather Bag

Your waste is my treasure! Working with organic waste can bring circular solutions  for the implementation of closed

Textile Academy Bootcamp 2019

This year´s annual bootcamp will happen in ICELAND! We believe that fashion education should be updated, embrace multidisciplinarity

A simple T-shirt

A Simple shirt, is not so simple Everyone needs a basic shirt. Here you can learn how to

5th Digital Fashion & Wearables Exhibition

5th Digital Fashion & Wearables exhibition by FabTextiles and Textile Lab Amsterdam, Villette Makerz, Paris, 2018 (picture by

Bioplastic Cook Book

Bioplastics samples by Margaret Dunne, FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2018 . During her two month internship at FabTextiles

3D printed Mannequin

This mannequin is the 5th of the collection of Digital Mannequins that manifest different digital fabrication and 3D

Fab Textiles : Exhibitions of 2017- 2018

This year Fab Textiles travelled in various spaces and events, continuing to spread, between innovation and sustainability, a

Thermochromic research

Thermochromic inks have the property to change color with temperature. In the mid-sixties, laboratories started to develop thermochromic liquid

BioShades Workshop, Textile Bacteria Dyeing

BioShades Workshop, TCBL, Fab Textiles, Mazda Space, Barcelona, March 2018 . Textile dyeing chemical processes contributes significantly to

Bio Filter : bioplastic + activated charcoal

In 1831, Mr. Touery, a professor at the French Academy of Medicine, drank strychnine, a deadly poison, in

BioShades Workshop & Talks

Workshop  Thursday, March 15, 2018, – 15:00 to 18:00 Talks Thursday, March 15, 2018, – 20:00 to 22:00

Bioplastic Wunderpants

These Wunderpants were inspired by the anonymous Superheroes and Wonderwomen of the world, who are everyday fighting to

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