E-stitches Barcelona

If you are working with e-textiles, conductive threads, craft and technology, combining hand embroidery with electronics, then you

Esther Hates PVC / Worth Project

This is the amazing collaboration with Esther Perbandt through the Worth Partnership Project. The collection ¨To The Moon“

Contest Fashion Digital Made / ALTA Roma

BE grounded Project of Fabricademy BCN alumni Lara Campos BEgrounded Project Digital Python Project of Fabricademy BCN alumni


Honoring the Earth Day on the 22nd of April 2020 with BIO RIOT! , worn by Jessica Guy  at the

Development of Samsung EGO / Betiana Pavón

DECONSTRUCTIVE HEADS collection / ALASKA ACCESORIOS Winner of the contest SAMSUNG EGO Innovation Project / Mercedes Benz Fashion

Coffee BIO-Leather Bag

Your waste is my treasure! Working with organic waste can bring circular solutions  for the implementation of closed

Textile Academy Bootcamp 2019

This year´s annual bootcamp will happen in ICELAND! We believe that fashion education should be updated, embrace multidisciplinarity

A simple T-shirt

A Simple shirt, is not so simple Everyone needs a basic shirt. Here you can learn how to

5th Digital Fashion & Wearables Exhibition

5th Digital Fashion & Wearables exhibition by FabTextiles and Textile Lab Amsterdam, Villette Makerz, Paris, 2018 (picture by

Bioplastic Cook Book

Bioplastics samples by Margaret Dunne, FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2018 . During her two month internship at FabTextiles

3D printed Mannequin

This mannequin is the 5th of the collection of Digital Mannequins that manifest different digital fabrication and 3D

Fab Textiles : Exhibitions of 2017- 2018

This year Fab Textiles travelled in various spaces and events, continuing to spread, between innovation and sustainability, a

Thermochromic research

Thermochromic inks have the property to change color with temperature. In the mid-sixties, laboratories started to develop thermochromic liquid

BioShades Workshop, Textile Bacteria Dyeing

BioShades Workshop, TCBL, Fab Textiles, Mazda Space, Barcelona, March 2018 . Textile dyeing chemical processes contributes significantly to

Bio Filter : bioplastic + activated charcoal

In 1831, Mr. Touery, a professor at the French Academy of Medicine, drank strychnine, a deadly poison, in

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