123D make

123D make is a free software and application from Autodesk and its a great introductory tool for designers, makers and all the ones who want to construct physically their digital creations. The application gives different fabrication solutions for 3D modeled of 3D scanned objects.
There are different techniques one can use to translate a 3D model into plans ready for production, in the case of 123D make, laser cutting fabrication. The dynamic of the tool is that you can choose the fabrication method you like, specify the thickness of the material, the spacings, the dimensions of the board you will be using
and it generates the files ready to be cut. 

Extra comment : Autodesk gave access to these great tools for makers and educators but it looks like their policy to close source and change their protocol is actually preoccupying, especially for the educators that have incorporated their agenda according to the accessibility of these tools.
Nevertheless, new tools always appear some even if Autodesk´s accessibility become obsolete, there will be open source initiatives to replace it.

Here is a small tutorial in Spanish on how to use 123d Make made by the student Enara Agirrezabala from the Master of LCI
Second example of a hand laser cut made by Marina Caubet Canals





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