Fab Textiles project. Open sourcing fashion production for a global network innovation ecosystem
25 March 2020, Fashion Industry evolving into a disruptive technological shift, Webinar, IED, Barcelona 
4 February 2020,  Soho House Barcelona, The future of fashion: tech, sustainability & biodesign
3 December 2019 Conference, Dimarts Disruptius, Ateneu Igualadí, Igualada, Spain
25-26 November 2019  Define-Network Info Day, Curation of 2nd day at Fashion Tech Info Day, Milan, Italy and TALK
22 November 2019, Seattle,Biomaterials Webinar
18 November 2019   Workshop : Biomaterial Secrets and Recipes, Universidad de Vigo, Spain
16 November 2019 Conference Responsive Cities, Barcelona,Spain
15 November 2019  Workshop : Biomaterial design by Fabtextiles Alchemists, SISCODE Smart City Week, Ca L´Alier , Barcelona, Spain
28th July - 2nd August 2019 6th Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab15 conference, El Gouna, Egypt
28th July - 2nd August 2019 Fab15 Conference Workshops Program Curator and Super Fab Lab Architect, El Gouna, Egypt
1st August 2019 Biofabricating Materials and Dyes Workshop with Cecilia Raspanti at Fab15 conference, El Gouna, Egypt
21 June 2019 ITMA Visit and Networking
20 June 2019 Conference for the Learning-expedition of Chaire Bali
8 June 2019 El Barri CircularSISCODE Workshop on Food Waste Biomaterial processes
28-29 May 2019, #TCBL_2019 ¨Fashion Forward¨, Iasi, Romania, Talk "Fabricademy future design"
14-17 May 2019 Construmat, Future House Pavilion, Food Waste Bioplastics Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain , 2019
13-17 May 2019 Textile Academy Bootcamp, Iceland
7-14 April 2019 Biofabricating Matter Workshop with Giulia Tomasello at the eTextile Spring Break 2019
5 April 2019  Slow Fashion Next Conference, Madrid, Spain
4 April 2019    Iaac Open Day Exhibition,Barcelona, Spain
3 April 2019    Participation in ¨The ¨Internet of Everything¨ Documentary
2 April 2019      Participation in Slow Fashion Documentary 
27 March19  Conference : Teixits, Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló, Barcelona, Spain
1 March 2019      Worth project Pitch Valencia, Spain
13 February 2019  Premiere Vision Visit and Networking, Paris, France
10-22 January 2019 Artistic Residency for the development of Bioplastic Fashion, at USFQ, D-Lab, Ecuador
17 January 2019  Conference and Workshop in Ecuador : Tecnología aplicada a moda textil, wearables y biofabricación, USFQ, D-Lab, Ecuador
29 November 2018  Conference Digital Textile and Circular Economy,  ¨Towards a new discipline of Digital Fabrication, Textiles and Biology¨, National Museum of Iceland
11-13 July 2018 5th Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab City conference, Villete Makerz, Paris, France
16-22 July 2018 5th Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab14 conference, Toulouse, France
16-22 July 2018 Fab15 Conference Workshops Program Curator and Super Fab Lab Architect, Toulouse, France
15 March 2018, Crafting the future exhibition, Mazda Space, Barcelona, Spain
15 March 2018, Crafting the future conference,Mazda Space, Barcelona, Spain
12-14 October 2017, Maker Faire Rome, Italy
31 July - 6 August 2017, 4th Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab13 conference, Santiago, Chile
31 July - 6 August 2017, Content Coordinator of Fab13 conference, Fab13, Santiago, Chile
8-14 August 2016, large scale 3D printing on fabrics, Fab12, Shenzhen, China
8-14 August 2016, 3rd Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab12, Shenzhen, China
3-10 June 2016, FabTextiles bootcamp, FabLabBarcelona, Spain
4 May 2016, BIT of Fashion Conference, Global Business School, Barcelona, Spain
29 April 2016, IED, Barcelona, Spain
23 April 2016, MCE3 conference, Warsaw, Poland
11 April 2016College of Management Academic Studies, COMAS, Tel Aviv, Israel
16-18 October 2015,Maker Faire Rome, Italy
ZKM, October 2015, EASTN, Karlsruhe, Germany
18 February 2016, Veritas University,Fashion School, San Jose,Costa Rica
28-29 November  2015, Hong Kong MakerFaire
7 November 2015, ¨When technology becomes absolutely wearable¨, TEDx Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
9 September 2015,  Veritas University, Fashion School, San Jose, Costa Rica
8 August 2015, Fab 11 Conference// Making Impact, Boston, United States
8 August 2015, 2nd Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab11 ,Boston USA
17-19 June 2015, Music Hack Day @Sonar festival , Barcelona, Spain
3 June 2105, Consejo Nacional de la cultura y las artes, Santiago de Chile , Chile
28 February 2015, Electric Circus, Robotix lab, Thessaloniki, Greece
5 September 2014, Universidad-Empresa-Estado en manufactura avanzada//Sector textil-confección, Medellin , Colombia
2-8 July 2014, Fab 10 Conference// From Fab Labs to Fab Cities// Barcelona, Spain
2-8 July 2014 , 1st Digital Fashion and Wearables Expo ,Curator, Fab10 , Barcelona, Spain
4-6 October 2013, Maker Faire Rome, Italy
28 May 2013, Museo Metropolitano de Lima, Fab Lab Peru
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