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Founder and project leader:
Anastasia Pistofidou

Ana Correa 
Betiana Pavon

Internships : 

2018: Mohamad Elatab (Architect/Designer), Noor El-Gewely (Architect/Designer), Aldana Persia ( Fashion Designer)
2017: Laura Ramos (Fashion Designer), Clara Davis (Artist),Mohamad Elatab (Architect/Designer), Noor El-Gewely (Architect/Designer), Aldana Persia ( Fashion Designer) Anna Masclans (Fashion Designer)
2016: Wiebke Mueller (Designer), Jessica Gonzalez (Fashion Designer), 
2015: Helene Merhand (product engineer),Veronica Betancur (fashion designer), Inbar Harari  (fashion designer),
2014: Ingi Freyr (industrial designer)
2013: Lana Awad (wearables expert, fabrication expert), Anya Popova ( accessories and jewellery), Angeliki Terezaki (architect and F1rstVision product developer) , Claudio Marzá Compte (fashion designer), Coral Martinez  (industrial designer)

Collaborations with Professionals:
2017: Alex Murray- Leslie (Yomo director MWC2017), Anne-Marie Maes ( Artist), 
2016 :Xevi Fernandez (Fashion Designer), Carmen Aguilar (Hyphen labs), Ece Tancal (Hyphen Labs),
2015: Ingrid Pou (Fashion Designer)
Marina Pujadas (fashion design), Elizabeth E. Fraguada (fashion designer), Mariantonia Campos Arevalo (embroidery expert)
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