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Founder and project leader: Anastasia Pistofidou

Anastasia is a Greek architect that has been working with Digital Fabrication technologies, design and education since 2009. She has been part of IaaC Fab Lab Barcelona team since 2011 as a researcher, practitioner, advanced manufacturing officer and project leader of the Textiles and Materials research area.

In 2013 she co-founded fabtextiles.org, a research laboratory on textiles, soft architectures and innovative materials and sustainability. In 2017 she co-founded Fabricademy, Textile and Technology Academy, a distributed educational program and community of practitioners that promotes and researches the implications and applications of wearable technology and Digital Fabrication in Fashion, Textiles and Biology.

Anastasia has participated in a number of European funded projects managing topics such as: artistic residencies, society and culture, circular economy and sustainability in the European Textile & Clothing sector, co-creation methodologies, science with and for society, gender inclusion, female creativity and innovation potential, among others. (http://www.eastn.eu/, https://madeat.eu/, https://tcbl.eu/https://siscodeproject.eu/, https://www.shemakes.eu/)

She promotes open knowledge and sharing practices with various open publications in the field of biomaterial making, additive manufacturing, digital fabrication and sustainability. Moreover, Anastasia has been a curator and producer of the annual exhibition on FabTextiles Digital Fashion and Wearables Showcase since 2014. Combining digital fabrication techniques and crafts, she demonstrates how new technologies can shift the massive consumption and fast production to a customized, open source, personal and local fabrication applied on education, everyday life and new enterprises.

Previous Team Members:
2019-2020: Ana Correa, Betiana Pavon
2017-2018 : Clara Davis

Internships : 

2019: Hinako Mitsushima(industrial designer), Maria Mayer(Textile Designer)
2018: Mohamad Elatab (Architect/Designer), Noor El-Gewely (Architect/Designer), Aldana Persia ( Fashion Designer),Fanni Huszár (business developer)
2017: Laura Ramos (Fashion Designer), Clara Davis (Artist),Mohamad Elatab (Architect/Designer), Noor El-Gewely (Architect/Designer), Aldana Persia ( Fashion Designer) Anna Masclans (Fashion Designer)
2016: Wiebke Mueller (Designer), Jessica Gonzalez (Fashion Designer), 
2015: Lisah Bracke(industrial designer), Helene Merhand (product engineer),Veronica Betancur (fashion designer), Inbar Harari  (fashion designer),
2014: Ingi Freyr (industrial designer)
2013: Lana Awad (wearables expert, fabrication expert), Anya Popova ( accessories and jewelry), Angeliki Terezaki (architect and F1rstVision product developer) , Claudio Marzá Compte (fashion designer), Coral Martinez  (industrial designer)

Collaborations with Professionals:
2019: Surzhana Radnaeva (fashion designer)
2018: Esther Perbandt (fashion designer)
2017: Alex Murray- Leslie (Yomo director MWC2017), Anne-Marie Maes ( Artist), 
2016 :Xevi Fernandez (Fashion Designer), Carmen Aguilar (Hyphen labs), Ece Tancal (Hyphen Labs),
2015: Ingrid Pou (Fashion Designer), Marina Pujadas (fashion design), Elizabeth E. Fraguada (fashion designer), Mariantonia Campos Arevalo (embroidery expert)
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