FTex workshop Feb 2016

During the workshop we navigated through the Digital Fabrication technologies and had an overview of the techniques and applications the FabTextile project investigates and other references and inspiration.
We had a 3D printing Rhinoceros tutorial oriented in the creation of chain geometries that can work as flexible meshes for the body.
We also worked with different laser cut patterns that can impose change on the material properties, like flexibility , volume, texture.Also we worked in laser- cutting techniques , image and vector, patterns and manipulation on different fabrics.


Melanie worked with digitalising image and converting it to stitches for the digital embroidery machine. She also had velvet and we Raster engraved a pattern to create relief.


Everybody made his Taska Bag, check more for our product here


Thanks to all the 16 participants that came at the Lab, to Ingi Freyr, Danisa Peric Maluk, Ece Tankal and Ricardo Vallbuena for their help!


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