sonar music hack day 2015

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ID Sound

In 2015 Sonar introduces for the first time the NFC cashless payment system for everything that was sold inside the festival. Each person that atended the festival had one of this tags. IDSound is a critical engineering project that exploits this system and is using the identification data that is stored on these tags to generate a unique sound id for each attendee of the festival. Together with a “smart” glove this system is used for a participative music performance.

id sound1

Sonar +D Barcelona MusicHackDay 2015

The project was developed during the Barcelona Music Hack Day 2015 hackaton that was hosted by Sonar +D.
For this year the theme of the hackaton was wearables so we decided to hack the wearable device that everybody in the festival had, the cashless payment system. We also made a performance glove with integrated sensors to be used by a performer as a sound controller.

id sound2

id sound3

Technical Description

The toolkit is composed by:

  • a performance glove controller with integrated sensors and wifi connection
  • a Sonar Cahsless Band communication device made with a Raspberry Pi and an NFC shield that brodcast the Cashless Band data via OSC
  • a data sonification Max Patch
  • a data visualisation Max Patch

SONAR +D / MHD ’15  Prize

Best music creation and/or performance enhancing hack (utilising any technology)


Cristian Rizzuti: sound / visual software development
Ovidiu Cincheza: Interactive software development
Claudia Oliveira: visual development assistant
Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson: wearable prototyping
Anastasia Pistofidou: wearable prototyping