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Fab13: Challenge on Fashion & Assistive Technology- Winners

Prizes announcement from Shapeways and Fab Foundation for our fashion and Assistive Technology Challenge!
We celebrated Fab13 with a Challenge on Fashion and Assistive Technology to recognize the ways society embraces digital fabrication in the most intimate way. Technology gets closer, it becomes an extension of our body to assist and augment our abilities, to gather and process our data. How can society adapt and benefit from the democratic access to knowledge and skills found in Fab Labs, to improve the life of people? How does the industry of fashion transform with digital distributed production and communities?
The participants of Fab13 were called to demonstrate the power of creation through visionary prototypes and innovative concepts. During the conference days makers, inventors, thinkers, and innovators had access to the Super Fab Lab in order to develop their projects, ideas and technologies to prescribe the impact of wearables, digital fashion, and assistive technology, through digital fabrication and global collaborations.
All projects were presented on Saturday at the main stage of Fab13Festival and the winning teams received great prizes by Shapeways and Fab Foundation.
Check the 3 winning teams and the rest of the entries here:
1st winner:
Fab Shake is a wearable glove that counts the times you give a handshake with somebody and gives a visual feedback with a LED stripe! It encourages people to socialize in a fun way and was made out of Fab13 printed textile
TEAM: Luciana Asinari, Santi Fuentemilla, Andreas Kopp, Xavi
2nd winner
Coralia is a laser cut dress with a 3D printed necklace using generative design using Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. The pattern of the dress is inspired by radiolaria minerals.
TEAM : Cecilia Raspanti, Aldo Sollazzo
3rd winner
Marinera skirt, combining northern pre-inca designs, colonial dances and digital fabrication, this laser cut skirt brings the tradition of Peru to the modern society.
Other projects that participated:
1st place 2.000$
2nd place :1.000$
3rd place :500$
1st place 1.500$
2nd place :1.000$
3rd place :500$