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Ephemeral Arts Connection workshop


When Stardust* founders Francesco Ducato and Carla Athayde came up with the idea of publishing a book with 2000 unique covers, I imagined that somebody had told them to reach out to me and that I would say YES to this challenge.  Their idea was to use the concept of “connecting” to generate patterns that would be embroidered with the digital embroidery machine that we have at Fab Lab Barcelona.

ephemeral arts connection

The book is going to be published by ACTAR publishers and with the expertise of Ricardo Devesa we are inserting a custom, unique digital fabricated method into the normal industrial production of binding and printing books, maintaining the costs and making a proof of how digital fabrication is opening up possibilities in the current industry.

The workshop was full of various inputs for the participants, with all partners presenting their work, Fabtextiles, Stardust*, Actar and also Maximiliano Romero from Phyco.Lab in Milan talking about Data flows in Digital Fabrication and Bea Goller, talking about her research on sonification of architecture.

The second day there was a very interesting visit at L’Automatica where Ariadna Serrahima & Diego Bustamante talked to us about their collective, that recovered an old letterpress printshop and converted it to a local social hub for experimentation, learning and small scale production.

la automatica

The theme of “connecting” was elaborated by investigating several methods and themes:

magnetic fields
– constelations
– delanay
-circular packing
-point network
where the participants worked on small grasshopper definitions developed by Santi Fuentemilla
The objective was to fine tune one of the definitions, to optimise in machine production time and aesthetic outcome. The final definition was fine tuned according to the embroidery machine parameters and exports automatically the iterations for the book cover.
IMG_8731web EAC-30web
We finished our four day workshop with a visit to Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs, where Jonathan Minchin explained us the vision and the projects currently running at the Green Fab Lab.
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Laser cut aprons

In the fab textiles we made a laser cut apron for the fab lab members. The aprons are made from raw denim and they contain special pockets for the fab lab tools.

apron web





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Laptop embroidered cases

Using the embroidery machine we have started creating these minimal laptop cases.

laptop case closeup

We used raw denim for the base, thin foam for the inner lining and embroidered animal figures in zigzag technique, the outcome is a unique and individual laptop case, which will be a part of a mini collection soon.

laptop case embroidery  closeup

This is an excellent example of the use of fabtextiles ideas in the every day life.


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Summer workshop with Fashion students of BAU, School of Design

During the summer workshops, fashion students of BAU, School of Design made a workshop of digital fabrication technologies applied in  fashion.Students were introduced to laser cutting patterns, laser cutting existing clothes, 3D printing and digital embroidery.Digital fabrication opens different possibilities in Fashion education,  production and consumption.

The students during the workshop were introduced to the maker culture and technologies available in the context of the Fab Lab Barcelona in order to understand the possibilities of digital creation and learning by doing methods in fashion.

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Embroidered Bags

bolsos bordado digital

La bordadora digital es otra de las herramientas de Fab Textiles. Haciendo un dibujo en Illustrator, puedes prácticamente bordarlo sobre cualquier textil.
En este caso Fab Lab Barcelona ha hecho una serie de bolsos con distintos bordados.
Con la colaboración de Elizabeth E. Fraguada se cosieron los bolsos desde el principio con unos acabados perfectos.

Una muestra de todos ellos aquí:

El primer bolso, se ha hecho con una tela aterciopelada y un bordado lineal de color plateado:

 a23 a1 a24

Detalles de bordado y de la costura
El siguiente ejemplo es el mismo diseño de bolso con una tela de rayas blancas y azules con dos tipos de bordado diferentes:

Vista general de los bolsos

b9 b11 b7 b13
Detalles de los bordados y de las costuras

El último bolso, también con el mismo diseño, pero en este caso con una tela de rayas rosas y blancas y de nuevo con distintos bordados:

c17 c20 c5
Vista general de los bolsos

c6 c19
Detalle de los bordados en distintos colores

c16 c15 c3 c2
Detalles de las costuras y acabados.

Además de los bolsos, también se bordaron unas bolsas en formato neceser, con una tela de polipiel:


Labordadora digital lee los campos de color y les da a éstos un color y un tipo de bordado (el escogido). Hay muchas posibilidades en cuanto a bordados, solo es cuestión de ver cual es el ideal para cada uno de los trabajos.

Si te gusta lo que has visto, estás invitado a venir al FabLab Barcelona e informarte sobre el proceso y las posibilidades. Además puedes crear tus diseños y pedirnos que te hagamos tus bordados!

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T-shirts embroidery

These two knitted patterns,one of the “traveling salesman problem” visualization and the other of “the big wave” , Hokusai are part of a new series of knitted projects to come!



Traveling Salesman Problem



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